Remote Learning

Chess is growing in popularity at Beaulieu Preparatory School. We have dedicated coaches who are working towards developing the skills and talents of our boys and girls. At the moment the team is small, but structures have been put in place to help grow the team. This activity is open to all pupils from Grade Naught to Grade Seven.

Chess 6

Beaulieu Preparatory has an active Chess Club which is open to pupils from Grade Three. We meet for practices on two mornings a week. On Tuesday afternoons, there are two coaches in attendance who give the pupils guidance and lessons. The team members play matches once a week for most of the year.

An exciting new development has been that the team members can now play matches online, on their iPads, against pupils in other schools. This has afforded our players greater, valuable match experience. There is a chess ladder and pupils may challenge for positions.This has led to lots of very healthy competition.

Chess 2