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Grade 7 Leadership & Development Programme

Beaulieu Preparatory School does not subscribe to a system of prefects. Through the Leadership & Development Programme, each Grade Seven pupil has the opportunity to move through the two levels of Councillorship if they meet the necessary criteria for each. The pupils need to display an exceptional level of commitment, leadership and initiative in the carrying out of duties and responsibilities over an extended period of time.

During the allocated lesson, pupils learn the various characteristics of leadership through a variety of activities, research and discussions, thus developing their own leadership potential and awareness of the responsibility and accountability they each have. Apart from the daily duties, each Grade Seven is part of a committee which has a specific role to play within the functioning of the school. The importance of service is highlighted and each Grade Seven is expected to do a minimum of ten hours of community service. We strive to enable each pupil to leave Grade Seven as a leader with unique characteristics and with the confidence to make a significant difference.