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Beaulieu Prep BeNS School Times


The school gates will be opened at 06h45 every morning.

Grade Double Nought and Grade Triple Nought

School hours run from 08h00 until 12h30. For security purposes, the gates will be locked at 08:15. When children arrive late they miss out on the first tasks of the day. They also miss the general settling down time which is detrimental for them and disruptive for the whole class. Please be considerate towards your child, the teachers and the other children in the class and ensure that all children are at school on time, preferably with time to spare.

Children who are going to Aftercare will be fed between 12h30 and 13h00. At 13h00 any child who is still in our care will go to Aftercare for naptime and may not be collected before 14h00, as this is disruptive for the sleeping children.

Grade Triple Nought and Double Nought children who are going to extra-cost activities will be collected from their classrooms by the coaches for their activities and must be collected by their parents from the relevant coaches.

Grade Nought

School gates will be opened at 06h45 in the morning and the school day begins at 07h30 everyday.

The occasional traffic hold-up is understandable, but no excuse will be accepted for repeated late arrivals.

We ask that parents do not request to see staff members once the school day has begun. These meetings must be scheduled for times when the teacher is free.

School finishing times are as follows:

Grade Nought finishes at 12:45pm every day, starting from the first school day of the year

Office Hours

The office is open from 07h00 until 15h00 on weekdays during the term and from 08h00 to 13h30 during school holidays. The school will be closed for a short period over the Easter holiday.