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Beaulieu Preparatory Nursery School (BeNS) News

I thought you would enjoy some of the pictures of our BeNS children from our Heritage Day celebration. ‘Thank You’ for entering into the spirit of the day and dressing them in their heritage clothes.

Staff news

We welcome Mrs Jessica Reilly back from maternity leave and would like to thank Mrs Angela Santana for standing in for her. Angie, we have appreciated your calm and loving care of some of our littlest people; thank you!

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BeNS Newsletter - 5 March 2020

As I am sure you all know by now, I am retiring at the end of 2020. I have spent 25 very happy years at Beaulieu and although many people have said to me “there is life after Beaulieu Prep”, I find it very difficult to believe that I will find the joy, happiness and fulfilment I have found at BeNS, elsewhere.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Hillen, the Board of Governors and everyone in the Kyalami Schools Group for allowing me the privilege of being the head of BeNS. To my BeNS staff, “Thank you” for always giving of your best and making BeNS such a special place. As soon as we have found, and confirmed, a replacement for me, we will let you know.

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BeNS Newsletter - 25 November 2019

This is the last newsletter of 2019!

‘Thank You’ to Mrs Angie Santana and Mrs Amy Dallas for filling in for Mrs Roscoe (Mrs Nell) and Mrs Cullen while they have been on leave this term. I firmly believe that the children barely noticed the change in their teachers. The two of you have been part of the team from day one and
we have loved your calm and loving ways.

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CPR Training done at Beaulieu Nursery School (BeNS)

World CPR Day

In celebration of World CPR day this year, the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa encouraged their members to provide CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) training to community members.

Mr Barry Mey from Turtle Life Support took this plea to heart and approached us at Beaulieu Nursery School (BeNS) with a request to provide a venue for him to carry out some training. We were delighted to be in a position to help him. Barry conducted thorough, comprehensive and practical First Aid training for our staff earlier this year which a number of us have been able to put into practise successfully.

BeNS Newsletter - 7 October 2019

Thank you to those of you who supported the Warrior Race. There is no doubt that the children loved it. Thank you to the BeNS staff who manned the different stations, keeping our little ones safe and on the move.

Our Grade Double Nought parents seem to be worrying about the swimming assessment which will be done towards the end of October. Please know that the safety of the children is uppermost in our minds. We will be taking 4 children at a time and will have swimming coaches both in, and out, of the water. You will receive an assessment of your child’s ability once we have finished. At no time will we force a child to do something they are not comfortable with.

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BeNS Newsletter - 1 August 2019

 As the second term draws to an end and we are preparing for the August holidays, this will be the last newsletter for Term 2.
We hope that those of you who attended the Grade 00 and Grade 000 concerts enjoyed the shows. Thank you, again, for your support. Few people realise the hard work that goes into a concert, particularly by the staff and children. The latter are only between three and five years old. For many of them, the BeNS concert is the first time they are put on stage, in an outfit, that is not necessarily of their choosing, and with make-up on. We are extremely proud of our little ones and you should be too!

“Thank you children, for making your concert days special days for us all”.

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BeNS Newsletter - 19 June 2019

To those of you who took part in the Cycle Challenge, a big “Thank You”. We have had some positive and negative feedback which is always good. The negative feedback helps us to learn from our mistakes so that next year’s challenge is bigger and better. Congratulations to all our winners.

We are proud to report that the BeNS Spray-a-thon raised R5410.00 for the CANSA organisation. It was a highlight for our little ones who loved the idea of having different coloured hair. ‘Thank You’ for supporting this initiative.

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BeNS Newsletter - 8 March 2019

The Kyalami Schools Group hosted our Open Day on Saturday 2nd March. The day began overcast but cleared up into a beautiful morning. We hosted many families and they gave positive, complimentary feedback which made us feel very proud of being part of BeNS and Beaulieu Preparatory. ‘Thank You’ to the staff for giving up a Saturday morning to help host the day.

As you know, we conducted a survey about the need for holiday care for our children and following intense debate, it was decided that a holiday programme will run for the duration of the April holidays this year. Please see the following page for the details. If you would like to enrol you child in either of these programmes please contact Mrs Beehan or Jerome (Matmic Aftercare). Their email addresses are on page 2 of this letter. Please watch the D6 Communicator for any further details.

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BeNS Newsletter - 5 February 2019

Now that we have settled into the new school year, there are a couple of functions you need to know about.

February 14th; Friendship Day

The children may wear red/ pink and white on the day if they choose to. We will also be holding a Friendship Day Cake and Candy sale. Please allow your child to bring R5 to school to buy a treat. All of the money raised will go towards a year end gift for the auxiliary staff at BeNS.

Mid term break

School will close at 10:45am on Thursday 21st February for Mid Term break. There will be Aftercare that afternoon. School re-opens on Tuesday 26th February.

Open Day

On Saturday 2nd March, the Kyalami Schools Group will be holding an Open Day on all our campuses. If you have any friends who are looking at schools for their children, please tell them about it.

Parent Interviews

Parent/ Teacher interviews will be held on Thursday 14th and Tuesday 19th March in the classrooms. Booking sheets will be put up at the door of each classroom for you to schedule your appointment with your child’s teacher.


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