Remote Learning

The Junior Preparatory Phase starts in Grade One and is the year in which our children learn to read and write. Our Grade Two year consolidates these basic foundation skills and encourages ongoing, cross-curricular learning. Grade Three is the last year in this phase is where we prepare our children for the more independent style of teaching and learning in the Senior Phase. Our classes in Grade One and Grade Two consist of 22 children, per class, and this number is increased to 24 children, per class, in Grade Three.

The Junior Preparatory Phase follows an integrated curriculum. A hands-on approach is encouraged. The class teachers focus on Mathematics, English, Life Skills, Life Orientation and Multifaith.

The children are also exposed to various specialist subjects. These are isiZulu, Afrikaans, Physical Education, Computer Education, Media, Singing and Art. The Junior Preparatory Phase day starts at 07:30 and finishes at 13:30.

Our Grade One and Grade Two children have an Integrated Day Sports programme in which they are introduced to all the sports that we offer.

The Grade Two and Grade Three children are also encouraged to join the choir and we offer an Orff band to the Grade Threes. 

They are encouraged to choose both sporting and cultural activities from our extensive co-curricular timetable which includes swimming, tennis, cricket, soccer, hockey, netball, softball, athletics, art, drama, choirs, equestrian and others.

We also offer a variety of extra-cost activities.  The co-curricular programme starts at 14:00. 

Teachers in the Junior Preparatory Phase are:

  • Mrs D. Waldron, Deputy Head, in charge of the Junior Preparatory Phase (HDE, FDE and ED Hons)
  • Miss J. Nussey (B.Ed)
  • Mrs B. Brown (HDE)
  • Mrs R van Wyk (B.Ed)
  • Mrs N. O'Brien (B.Ed)
  • Mrs N Govender (Pead)
  • Mrs R. Brereton-Stiles (BCompt, PGCE)
  • Mrs D. Judge (HDE)