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Beaulieu Preparatory School drama department

Beaulieu Preparatory School boasts a dynamic drama department. The events on the drama calendar comprise of drama sessions that are held weekly for the pupils as part of a co-curricular activity. These sessions focus on various acting techniques, staging, directing, production and hosting.

Much festivity is created throughout the Beaulieu community by staging annual plays. These plays are rotated consecutively and include a Senior Preparatory Play, a House Play, a Junior Preparatory Play and a Staff Play.

A monologue evening is held towards the end of a drama season. On this evening a culmination of all skills that the drama pupils have acquired throughout the year are put into practice and serves as a platform for pupils to showcase their talent to their parents, teachers and peers.

Pupils have the option to participate in the National Eisteddfod competition. Holistic tutorship is provided to the participating pupils, who are then presented with various achievement awards.

Pupils who belong to the drama club are exposed to performing in front of large audiences during assemblies and other school events. Drama awards and colours are presented to those pupils who portray exemplary effort, progress and initiative. Drama is more than just a co-curricular activity, it becomes a valued life skill that improves self-image, public speaking abilities and confidence.