Beaulieu Prep Newsletter 10 - 2019

From the Headmistress' Desk

The final week of the second term is upon us and Spring is around the corner. Pupils may return to school on 10 September wearing summer uniform, if the promise of warmer weather materialises in good time. Our children are tired and ready for a break; the holidays always arrive when they are most needed. We do hope that you will also have a break and that you will have some extra time to spend with your children.

The school office will remain open throughout the holidays, as there will be much to manage behind the scenes. You will have noticed that a portion of the small field has been cordoned off, as construction of the new changerooms and ablutions for the children will begin shortly. We hope to complete the major work during the holidays. In the meantime, the large field will receive a spring treatment so that the grass will quickly recover with irrigation and, hopefully, some rain.

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