Remote Learning

Greetings once again and I trust that all of you are safe and well.

I first wrote to you on Wednesday 6 January to inform you that we had decided to postpone the scheduled reopening of the school year from Wednesday 13 January until Monday 18 January 2021, with the three school days lost to be regained later in the year. This was based on advisories received from ISASA and was also in response to the adjusted Level 3 Lockdown announced by our government earlier this month.

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Welcome to our new CEO: Tom Hamilton

Tom Hamilton, our new CEO, hails from Ireland, and was profoundly impacted by his primary school principal, Mrs Anastasia Carr. Mrs Carr believed that the children of small farmers and unskilled labourers could achieve their dreams through education. She ran her primary school on the basis that the sky was the limit for everyone, and she allowed her students to dream big; she also taught the essentail value of hard work.

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Dear Kyalami Schools Parents,

Greetings to you all. We trust that you have had safe and restful holidays with your families.

This is my first letter to parents as the new CEO of the Kyalami Schools Group and would be one of introduction in the normal course of events. However, that will have to wait for later as we have more pressing matters to attend to now. Our country is in a precarious position in terms of COVID-19 infection rates and the ‘second wave’ about which our government was warning us for several months has arrived. Having enjoyed the relative ‘freedom’ of the Level 1 Lockdown in the latter months of 2020, we are now back to Level 3, and there is a prospect of further restrictions within the coming weeks. Renewed vigilance and care is essential. It will require a whole community effort.

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Beaulieu Prep Newsletter 11 - 2020

There is just one day to go before we close for the mid-term long weekend. Time has gathered speed and we will soon be into the home straight and hurtling towards year-end.

We have been blessed, in that there hasn't been a single Covid-infection in any of the Kyalami Schools (a population of more than 1600 pupils and 240 staff) in the six weeks since we returned to school for the final term. The children and staff have settled into a routine and we are making headway in closing the gaps which the lockdown has wrought in their learning.

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Beaulieu Prep Newsletter 9 - 2020

From the Headmistress' Desk

It seems that school is the safest place to be, at the moment! Although we have had a number of Covid-19 infections amongst our children and staff, we are very pleased to note that not a single infection has yet resulted from a contact at school. In every instance, infections have been traced to adults from outside. Although this is heartening, we have not relaxed our efforts in implementing the Health and Safety protocols which will keep us all safe. We urge parents to do the same. As lockdown continues, albeit at decreasing levels, many have become complacent and have increased outings and social and family gatherings. We do need to be extra careful, especially during the 'spike'. We are all in this together and we need to keep ourselves, and each other, safe.

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